I’ve started creating a role playing game where you play as an ant.

Explore a dangerous yet marvelous insect world, filled with many strange creatures, some friends and some foes. Aid the wounded, starving or in danger insects and they may just befriend you. Befriend a beetle and use it to fly around the world or act as a tank for you in combat. Befriend a bee hive and have access to their large food source. Many, many more insects to befriend, and even more to fight!

Ensure that your colony brethren are protected and have the supplies they need to survive and even flourish, and in turn they will give you the equipment and surgical modifications needed to constantly grow as a more powerful ant. You have real incentive to ensure that your colony bretheren survive, as each can offer you unique things, such as the ant surgeon who can modify your body parts or a blacksmith who can create/upgrade your weapons.

You hail from a small, struggling ant colony that is on the brink of annihilation. All the food and water sources around you have been wiped clean. There is a newly formed red ant colony looming nearby and it is only a matter of time before they discover your colony’s location. You must venture out, secure new food/water sources for your colony, and recruit insects to help you defend your colony from the inevitable red ant attack. During your exploration, you notice that securing new food sources is essentially impossible, and that your colony is not the only one short. Something is spreading death and decay throughout the land, and it must be found and stopped before it wipes the entire insect world!

Disclaimer: A lot of the above is currently not implemented :D, but someday will be!